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Transform your unused loft space into a practical, spacious storage solution with Leicestershire's leading loft boarding service.

With our expertise and superior craftsmanship, we transform wasted loft areas into safe, accessible, and useable storage spaces - adding value and functionality to your home.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, using only the highest quality flooring materials, and ensuring every job is finished to perfection.

Our trained team of boarding experts provides quick and efficient loft boarding systems tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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Boarding your loft maximises unused space, creating valuable additional storage.


Significantly enhance safety for movement and item storage in you loft.


Professional loft boarding increases your home's overall energy efficiency.

Our Loft Space Solutions and Options

Navigating loft boarding in homes with low-pitched roofs and trusses can be a complex task. These architectural features often create limited headroom and intricate structures that can pose challenges. However, with professional loft boarding services, these challenges can be seamlessly overcome. Our expertise and experience is delivered by professionals ensure that your boarding complements the truss layout, working with the low pitch of the roof to create a safe, efficient, and usable storage space without compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Full & Partial Boarding

Our comprehensive loft boarding service offers both full and partial options to suit your needs. Turn unused attic space into safe, functional, additional floor space. We also install raised loft boarding.

Loft Ladders

Our expert loft ladder installation service ensures easy, safe access to your loft. We offer a variety of ladders, professionally installed to suit your home's unique requirements.

Loft Access

We provide innovative loft enhancement with loft hatch access solutions, creating easy, safe entry to your loft. Our service includes bespoke design, professional installation, as well a loft lighting options.

Solutions For Any Property

Loft Boarding For New-Build Homes

Our loft boarding service is ideal for new homes, transforming underused attic space into practical, safe extra storage. Benefit from our expert installers, enhancing your home from the get-go.

Loft Boarding For 1960's+ Homes

Revitalise your older home with our loft boarding service. We specialise in 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's homes, maximising loft space and upgrading safety standards to meet modern expectations.

Loft Boarding For Homes Older Than 1960

Enhance your pre-1960 home with our bespoke loft boarding service, expertly adapting to the unique architectural characteristics while providing safe, convenient additional storage in your attic space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does loft boarding take?

The duration depends on the loft size and the specific work required, but most homeowner projects are completed within a day or two.

Will loft boarding affect my insulation?

If done correctly, loft boarding will not compromise your insulation. In fact, it can improve energy efficiency when installed alongside effective insulation.

Is planning permission required for loft boarding?

Generally, you do not need planning permission for loft boarding as it's often classified as home improvement, not a structural alteration. However, it's always best to check local regulations.

Can all lofts be boarded?

While most lofts can be boarded, factors such as the loft's structure, access, and height could impact the feasibility. A professional assessment can provide clarity.

What kind of loft ladder is best?

The best loft ladder depends on your needs, budget, and loft's specifics. Options range from sliding aluminium ladders to luxury wooden designs.

How much weight can a boarded loft hold?

The weight a boarded loft can hold varies based on the loft's structure and the boarding method used. It's designed for storage, not as a living space.

Can I board my loft myself?

While it's possible to board a loft as a DIY project, hiring professionals ensures a safe, efficient job that won't negatively impact your home's insulation or structure.

We Cover The Following Areas in Leicestershire:

We are Leicester-based but provide loft boarding services in Loughborough, Hinckley, Wigston, Coalville, Melton Mowbray, Market Harborough, Oadby, Earl Shilton, Narborough, Enderby, Shepshed, Syston, Whetstone, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Birstall, Mountsorrel, Lutterworth.